The Best Data Recovery Software Reviews Recover Your Files

Data recovery software can help you retrieve lost files and repair damaged files and folders.

Data RecoveryLosing data is everyone's worst nightmare. Whether it's a cherished photo or an important work document, many people will go to the ends of the earth to recover whatever they have accidentally deleted or lost. The good news is that recovering your data is easier than you might think. Even in cases of corruption and hard drive failure, there's usually some way to get it back.

Data recovery software is the first step it attempting to recover lost files. These programs are very easy to use and can help you achieve great results quickly and without having to send your computer off to a data recovery company (which usually costs quite a bit more money!).

This website will give you some good options in terms of software tools. Some programs are dedicated to recovering files for specific programs, such as Outlook (Stellar Outlook PST Repair) or Excel (Stellar Excel Recovery). Others are more general and can help you recover FAT or NTFS data systems.

Types Of Data Loss Data Recovery Software Reviews

Data loss can be caused by several events:

  • Physical Hard Disk Malfunction
  • Accidental Format
  • Accidental Trash / Recycle Bin Emptying
  • Failed Partition
  • Corruption
  • Partition corruption & Partition resizing
  • File System damage
  • Boot Sector corruption
  • MBR (Master Boot Record) damage
  • Virus and/or Spyware Infection

Software data recovery programs are generally effective in all events except that of a physical problem with your hard drive. If the hard drive has a crashed head or similar problem (you hear clicking sounds coming from the drive), you will most likely have to send it in for repair as running the drive can cause further damage.

How Data Recovery Software Works Data Recovery Software Reviews

Data and files are stored on your computer using various file systems, such as FAT, NTFS, and others. These are like the table of contents in a book, telling your system where files have been placed physically on the hard disk or other data storage unit. Sometimes data is broken up and put into different places, and the file system will reference where everything is so it can be pieced together.

When files get deleted, they are not physically scrubbed from the disk. They are simply marked as available space that can be written over, and removed from the file system's list of available files that you can see. They then become virtually invisible to you and the operating system until eventually the data is written over.

Data recovery software can scan through all these old unmarked files and piece them back together, restoring them to the file system's "table of contents" again.

Easy To Use For Everyone Data Recovery Software Reviews

Thankfully today's generation of data recovery software is easy enough for even a computer novice to use. These programs have simple interfaces that make scanning and finding files a piece of cake. In the past you would have to kiss your data goodbye, but not anymore.

Many data recovery programs will help you restore data from separate hard drives, CD/DVD's, and other removable media (such as USB drives). Ensure that the program you're considering supports whatever type of data storage you're attempting to restore.